Sunday, February 21, 2010


Wow---4 months have blown past since our last post and we don't even know where they went. There have been so many firsts that we cannot even count. We are talking today about our upcoming 1st Forever Family Day and how we plan on celebrating it. That day will be another first. In the meantime, Halloween went off without a hitch. Chloe-Xin finally decided that the pink doggie costume was her favourite and by the tenth house, she was running up to the door herself, ringing the doorbell and shouting "trick or treat". The Halloween fairy left her a terrific exchange present for her candy (the plasma car from Indigo--pink no less). Next came going to a dayhome one day a week. We were lucky enough to find a fabulous place with a wonderful woman not far from our home. She has a daughter that is Chloe-Xin's age and two of the other girls are also treasures from the Far East. We went for a meet and greet and then on her first day she made herself at home and told us to go away and that she would see us later. Once again...our little trooper handled this new situation with ease. Not long after that, Mama went back to work parttime and Papa started staying home with Chloe-Xin parttime too (the dayhome is a once a week thing when we both have to work). I think it has been a real bonding experience for the two of them...this girl loves her Daddy. Of course, Christmas was a big deal in our house too. It started with writing a letter to Santa. Chloe-Xin asked for a pink book, a pink microphone and Max & Ruby toys. Unfortunately "Santa" was not successful in finding a pink microphone or M&R toys, however, a friend of ours did find a pink microphone (on a fluke) and just yesterday we found Max & Ruby toys. Of course, Santa made up for the shortcoming in other ways...and the pink book (My Little Pony) has been a huge success. Chloe-Xin declared early on that she "loves her Santa" and we reinforced, early on, that if she didn't go to sleep that Santa would not leave any presents. So, gladly, our little girl slept as if it were any other night. She was unsure what to do come Christmas morning though...until we encouraged her to start opening her gifts...and then she ripped into them. It was quite a sight to see. Chloe-Xin also did her first Christmas play with her preschool class and was a great success as an elf (and Mama did pretty good with making a costume of sorts too). Ringing in 2010 was quiet at The Rouse House, but not long after came several other firsts: snowman making, sledding and cavity filling. She's registered for Kindergarten in the fall. And we are certain that her language will be up to par with her peers by then or close to it. She is quickly learning the alphabet and can write several letters. We are just now learning on how to put them together. Chloe-Xin continues to meet with the speech therapist bi-weekly and this helps to reinforce the proper use of her language. Her ST commented the other day about how well she is doing and the progress she is making. Last, but not least, we recently celebrated Chinese New Year. We had the big family and friends dinner on the Eve and Chloe-Xin received alot of hongbao (which she spent on Barbie dolls of all fact, today we are going to spend the last of the hongboa on a boy Barbie doll). Although the days are long sometimes...we are so grateful to have our little girl. She is a bundle of energy and keeps us on our toes. She surprises us with her caring and empathy that was clearly instilled long before we became a family. She is a joy to have as a child and we look forward to all the other firsts that will come our way. Now for some pictures and then the promise to update this blog more frequently. Bye for now from The Rouse House.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Make Me Release the Flying Monkeys

Fall is truly my favourite time of year...but only if snow is not involved.
I love the changing colours of the trees and taking long walks with the crunching of leaves underfoot. The coolness in the air and even the ever shorter days.
But most of all...I absolutely ADORE all things Halloween (much to my DHs chagrin)!
Every year he tells me that I absolutely cannot, simply must not buy one more Halloween item, to which I reply "No...I've got enough" - HA...NEVER!
At any rate, I have been working very hard at getting C-X into the Halloween mood (together with understanding the whole concept of the season, eg. costumes, trick or treating and the now much anticipated Halloween fairy - yup...that's right...the Halloween fairy...second and distant cousin to the tooth fairy - who comes along and swoops up all of your candy once you've closed your tired and weary eyes and leaves you a wonderful present). It started before our most recent trip and is growing daily - also much to DHs dismay!
As for dressing the little lovely, well, we presently have a princess costume and a ladybug outfit and are currently pondering the purchase of unicorn jobbie too. But after I advised our little one that Mama ALWAYS goes as a witch (ala of the West or Wicked the musical)...she decided that a pink witchy witch outfit would suit her just fine. Uh...yeah...sweetie...witch costumes do not usually come in the gentle and tender shade of pink. Try explaining that to a 4-year old little girl who has decided that she LOVES all things pink (and not much else).
Well...October 31st will find us at the pumpkin patch picking out just the right one for carving...which we will do as a family and set out for all to see (which is usually NO we don't really get many Halloweeners)...and then off to a friends house for trick or treating (as we are not really sure if C-X gets that part of it).
Anyhow...I've also posted some photos to catch up.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

6-Month Review and Other Stuff

Well...The Rouse House had their 6-month review with the social worker...who said that things seemed to be going very well. It was a relief to have that hurdle over and to hear it from a professional that our little girl is doing so good.
We are getting ready to start preschool on the usual fall school shopping is going on (check out the new shoes!).
We hit Butterfield Acres, Calaway Park and other fun stuff this summer.
We're doing more swimming in the fall and even a family wall climbing course after our LV vacation.
I can't wait to introduce C-X to all the joys of fall (my favourite time of year), including baking and walking in crunchy leaves and best of all pumpkins and Halloween!! I only hope she wants to dress up as a witch.
We're big into tattoos right now and wearing nothing but our panties around the house.
All in all...Martin and I know we are very lucky...she is a very special little girl who we love dearly! (PS: Thanks again to my friend Paige...were it not for you...we wouldn't have our darling C-X).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Papa's Little Girl

She's 4...and she is fiercely independent.
She learned to swim, doggie paddle style, on her own on our recent trip (with the help of her ladybug float device of course).
She learned the joys of sunbathing with a mister on (and 100 SPF).
She's checking out how she might look with glasses...when she's BIGGER! the end...she is still Papa's little girl!

What Happens in Vegas...Stays in Vegas

Leaving on a jet plane...oops...already went and now we are back.
Our little girl, who had been so very excited about going back onto a plane, did just great. She sat in her own seat, did up the seat belt and just took in all the sights. She will definitely be a frequent flyer...
We were very glad to have my niece along with us...she was a great help with our little going concern.
And, other than Mama burning her back...everyone had a great time!
I even have the pictures to prove it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Gotcha Day/Forever Family...whatever you want to call it...we call it AWESOME!!!

Our driver in Chengdu was also a practicing amateur here's some photos of this most wonderful of days!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mmmm ice cream...

Too bad it isn't warmer out to enjoy this icy treat.
We saw the Cleft Team yesterday (over 5 hours and lotsa doctors poking and prodding).
Our little trooper did awesome...even after taking a header down the slide during our lunch break...Mr Martin was just glad we were already at the hospital, but thankfully it was not required to use the services any further.
The speech therapist was thrilled with her progress and told us to keep doing what we are doing and to come back in the fall.
And during our bedtime routine this evening Martin is fairly certain that Miss C-X said that she loved Mama and Papa. (If the little nose kisses she keeps laying on us are any indication, I'd say he might be have heard her correctly.
So...things are good at The Rouse House.