Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just words...no pictures.

I can gladly say that things are coming along very nicely with our little Xin-Xin.
We are home more than 6-weeks now and, the few bumps in the road not withstanding, she is a pure delight.
Our course she still has crying jags, but...as Xin-Xin would say "come on"...she's only 4 (almost)....she's supposed to have a fit when Mama tells her that she can't have another ride on the marigoround and three times was enough.
We are going to start learning colours tomorrow as counting to ten has been perfectly mastered (almost).

On a personal note, I am determined to master loading pictures to this blog and some of the other fancy schmancy stuff that the blogs I like seem to have that this one is lacking.

Over and out...time for jaja (that's sleep for anyone not in the know).

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