Thursday, August 27, 2009

6-Month Review and Other Stuff

Well...The Rouse House had their 6-month review with the social worker...who said that things seemed to be going very well. It was a relief to have that hurdle over and to hear it from a professional that our little girl is doing so good.
We are getting ready to start preschool on the usual fall school shopping is going on (check out the new shoes!).
We hit Butterfield Acres, Calaway Park and other fun stuff this summer.
We're doing more swimming in the fall and even a family wall climbing course after our LV vacation.
I can't wait to introduce C-X to all the joys of fall (my favourite time of year), including baking and walking in crunchy leaves and best of all pumpkins and Halloween!! I only hope she wants to dress up as a witch.
We're big into tattoos right now and wearing nothing but our panties around the house.
All in all...Martin and I know we are very lucky...she is a very special little girl who we love dearly! (PS: Thanks again to my friend Paige...were it not for you...we wouldn't have our darling C-X).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Papa's Little Girl

She's 4...and she is fiercely independent.
She learned to swim, doggie paddle style, on her own on our recent trip (with the help of her ladybug float device of course).
She learned the joys of sunbathing with a mister on (and 100 SPF).
She's checking out how she might look with glasses...when she's BIGGER! the end...she is still Papa's little girl!

What Happens in Vegas...Stays in Vegas

Leaving on a jet plane...oops...already went and now we are back.
Our little girl, who had been so very excited about going back onto a plane, did just great. She sat in her own seat, did up the seat belt and just took in all the sights. She will definitely be a frequent flyer...
We were very glad to have my niece along with us...she was a great help with our little going concern.
And, other than Mama burning her back...everyone had a great time!
I even have the pictures to prove it.