Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Make Me Release the Flying Monkeys

Fall is truly my favourite time of year...but only if snow is not involved.
I love the changing colours of the trees and taking long walks with the crunching of leaves underfoot. The coolness in the air and even the ever shorter days.
But most of all...I absolutely ADORE all things Halloween (much to my DHs chagrin)!
Every year he tells me that I absolutely cannot, simply must not buy one more Halloween item, to which I reply "No...I've got enough" - HA...NEVER!
At any rate, I have been working very hard at getting C-X into the Halloween mood (together with understanding the whole concept of the season, eg. costumes, trick or treating and the now much anticipated Halloween fairy - yup...that's right...the Halloween fairy...second and distant cousin to the tooth fairy - who comes along and swoops up all of your candy once you've closed your tired and weary eyes and leaves you a wonderful present). It started before our most recent trip and is growing daily - also much to DHs dismay!
As for dressing the little lovely, well, we presently have a princess costume and a ladybug outfit and are currently pondering the purchase of unicorn jobbie too. But after I advised our little one that Mama ALWAYS goes as a witch (ala of the West or Wicked the musical)...she decided that a pink witchy witch outfit would suit her just fine. Uh...yeah...sweetie...witch costumes do not usually come in the gentle and tender shade of pink. Try explaining that to a 4-year old little girl who has decided that she LOVES all things pink (and not much else).
Well...October 31st will find us at the pumpkin patch picking out just the right one for carving...which we will do as a family and set out for all to see (which is usually NO we don't really get many Halloweeners)...and then off to a friends house for trick or treating (as we are not really sure if C-X gets that part of it).
Anyhow...I've also posted some photos to catch up.


  1. Love the photos! Looks like a great trip. I look forward to seeing the Halloween photos, and Lilah is being a witch, in a PRETTY black and purple witch costume. Have a great Halloween!

  2. Hi,
    I just saw your post on my blog. I have sent an email to K's mom to let her know that you want to follow her blog. Yes they are both from Yibin and we live about 15 minutes apart. We get together quite a bit. It is nice to have someone from the same orphanage. How are things going for you guys?

  3. Hi,
    can you give me your email? Carol said she will send you an invite. Thanks.